TCP Test Tube Racks

Designed by lab managers for ease of use while providing maximum protection during storage and transportation. Additionally, these durable polypropylene TCP racks are robotics compatible and eliminate the need for human contact and possible contamination. The racks are stackable and can be easily configured with any of the TCP Specimen Totes to complete your transportation solution.

TCP Test Tube Racks Brochure

A full product summary is available via a downloadable PDF document.


TCP Test Tube Racks has various features that make it stand out among the competition.

Robotics Compatible




Capacity: 45


Replaceable Inserts

TCP Test Tube Racks

  • Array: 5×9

  • Positions: 45

  • 17 mm openings

  • Replaceable inserts
  • Designed for use with TCP totes
  • Integrated wrap edge for bar code

  • Optimized for robotic/automated processing.


Ready for the Lab

After a 75′ Drop

TCP Lab Equipment is tested to last and is used by medical professionals every day

When a life depends on it,
you want equipment that you can always count on.

TCP Test Tube Racks

External Dimensions 8.3 x 4.25 x 2.3 Inches
External Dimensions 13 x 108 x 59.35 mm
Weight  5.9 Ounces
TCP Test Tube Racks dimensions are length x width x height. The weight specified is for each product and does not include any additional packaging. Technical changes are subject to modifications without notice.
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