Although we sometimes take it for granted, we have an undeniable sense of safety and security in America, and this would not be without the heroism of our law enforcement. As their title states, our law enforcement officers enforce the laws that allow us to maintain our freedoms by keeping our streets, communities, and country safe. This job does not come without serious risk and sacrifice alone, but also scrutiny.

Despite the circumstances of the job, many law enforcement officers have paid the ultimate price to protect strangers – strangers may not even know that their lives were in danger to begin with – but still, our police put the uniform on, kiss their families goodbye and go out into the unknown every day, only knowing that there is always a chance they will not return home that night. And sadly, some do not. It goes without saying though, that these true heroes leave behind lasting legacies, impacting their communities with their bravery. 

This week we want to honor and commemorate all the police officers as we observe National Police Week, May 11 – 17. In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day to pay tribute to the officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice or been injured in the line of duty, and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. 

The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum will hold ceremonies, including the 34th Annual Candlelight Vigil, to honor the fallen officers whose names have recently been added to the Memorial. The mission of the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum is to honor the fallen, tell the story of American law enforcement, and make it safer for those who serve. Their vision is to inspire all citizens to value law enforcement and the vital role it plays in our society.

Thermal Custom Packaging is a proud supporter of our law enforcement officers and to bring awareness and honor the legacy of our fallen officers, TCP has donated totes and phase change materials (PCMs) to their local Sheriff’s office. 

PCMs are an environmentally friendly, safe and long-lasting alternative to dry ice or gel packs for keeping the integrity of specimens and forensic evidence. PCMs in the proper packaging only require a brief time in the freezer to charge, but do not require long-term freezer use or storage. They can store and release large amounts of energy, maintaining a temperature within a specific range. PCMs can reliably achieve and maintain 0°C (32°F) refrigerated, -7°C (19.4°F) frozen, -16°C (3.2°F) frozen, and -21°C (-5.8°F) ultra-cold, depending on the applications or need.

PCMs in TCPs LEO (law enforcement officer) totes provide a properly refrigerated carrying case with compartments, allowing evidence to travel together, without the risk of cross-contamination. TCP’s Transport Totes have significant advantages compared to consumer-grade coolers and cases readily available on today’s market. To learn more, visit TCP’s LEO Transports