Frozen Food Delivery

In the age of the pandemic, frozen food delivery has skyrocketed, becoming an essential means for keeping homes stocked, refrigerators full, and bellies satisfied almost overnight. TCP’s -21 and -16 Centigrade Phase Change Material (PCM) (PC-16 and PC-21) makes frozen food delivery more environmentally friendly, safer, and easier to use than it has ever been before.

Currently, food delivery is possible using insulated packaging and dry ice to keep perishable food frozen in transit. Despite its use over many years, it is not, however, the best option.
TCP’s PCMs have significant advantages over consumer-grade gel pack inserts and cases readily available on today’s market and are revolutionizing the frozen food delivery business.

Replace Dry Ice

Environmentally Friendly

TCP’s PCMs are a GREEN product, meaning they are a sustainable product designed to minimize environmental impacts during their whole life cycle and even after they are of no use. Our GREEN PCM products are identified as having two primary goals – reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.
For example, dry ice is a hazardous material that can be harmful in its use and can negatively impact the environment when it is created and disposed of. Proper handling and disposal of this material, therefore, is critical. In addition, dry ice is compressed frozen CO2, which is the main greenhouse gas that leads to global warming.

Global warming occurs when CO2 and other air pollutants collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface. Creating and storing dry ice demands a lot of energy, and most commercial freezers will rely on the primary electricity grid to maintain dry ice until it is needed. However, no amount of refrigeration will keep dry ice frozen; it begins sublimating right after it is formed. Therefore, when you purchase dry ice, you receive much less than what you paid for, and whether it is all used right away or not, sublimation continues
until it is gone. It is difficult to procure and sometimes difficult to procure enough. For example, if one million pounds of dry ice is procured, by the time it is sent for delivery, it has already started sublimating, releasing 200,000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. If weather prevents delivery for days, the dry ice is lost and unlike TCP’s PCMS, dry ice is not reusable.

Our alternative to dry ice provides an environmentally friendly, GREEN option for the world. Our PC-21’s and PC-16’s only require a brief time in the freezer to charge the PCM, but do not require long-term freezer use or storage. Our PCM technology is GREEN, non-toxic, sustainable, reusable, and the outer shells of our PCMs are HDPE plastic and therefore recyclable, helping us continue our mission to maintain a small carbon footprint. PC-21 and PC-16 can sit for years and be reused thousands of times.
The products are made from a proprietary blend of salts, keeping them safe for the environment and safe for you.


If not handled correctly, dry ice can be extremely hazardous to those shipping food and those receiving it after delivery. It can severely burn the skin, and if not vented correctly, the gas itself can
cause asphyxiation, or even worse, possible explosion. OSHA has reported many deaths attributed to
dry ice.

Why choose TCP?

TCP is run by a group of doctors who have decades of experience in the medical field. Our products are used to move hundreds of thousands of temperature-sensitive medical specimens annually throughout the United States..
We are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality medical devices with input from Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, and Paramedics in the field at a competitive price.
Contact us today for more information and determine how TCP can help you maintain the chain of custody of evidence while ensuring the proper temperature is achieved
TCP’s Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are equipped to store and release large amounts of energy — maintaining a temperature within a specific range. PCMs can reliably maintain 0-degree Centigrade (refrigerated), -7-degree Centigrade (frozen), -16- degree Centigrade (frozen), and 21-degree Centigrade (ultra-cold) temperatures depending on the application.
Thermal Custom Packaging Totes are currently being used to store and transport the mRNA COVID vaccine at -21 degrees Centigrade with its proprietary PC-21 solution.
TCP’s proprietary PCMs will precisely maintain the required payload temperature and when stored in our insulated reusable totes (available in three sizes), it can safely transport biological evidence at the correct parameters for many hours.
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