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Frozen Food Delivery

Transporting frozen food at
precisely -16°C and -21°C without dry ice

Ditch Dry Ice

Dry ice is a hazardous material that releases CO2, a greenhouse gas affecting climate change. Not only is it a danger to the environment, it can be a danger to the handler, which makes transporting it a hassle. PCMs are an alternative replacement that provide more benefits than just safety.

Create a More Sustainable World

Reduce waste and maximize resource efficiency with non-hazardous, non-toxic, reusable, and recyclable products, helping us continue our mission to maintain a small carbon footprint. By replacing dry ice, PCMS have the innovative technology to be carbon neutral. Companies using PCMs in place of dry ice can apply for carbon credits, pledging their dedication to sustainability.

Use Cost-effective Products

Unlike dry ice that begins to sublimate as soon as it is formed, PCMs can be used thousands of times and never lose their quality. This is cost savings! Dry ice is an expensive, ongoing cost, and since there is no amount of refrigeration to keep it frozen, you receive much less than what you paid for. No need to worry about reordering and stocking – our PCMs are always ready to use.

Go Beyond the Last Mile

When a shipment is delayed or weather prevents delivery, dry ice is lost, but the PC-16 and PC-21 can keep your food frozen for multiple days, so you don’t have to sweat the supply chain.


TCP’s Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are a chemical reaction within a hard plastic shell equipped to store and release large amounts of energy. As a result the PCM can maintain temperatures within a specific range. PCMs can reliably maintain 0°C (refrigerated), -7°C (frozen), -16°C Centigrade (frozen), and 21°C (ultra-cold) temperatures depending on the application. The PC-16 (16°C) and PC-21 (-21°C) are ideal for maintaining ultra cold environments for frozen food delivery.

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Customer Testimonials

“We are a small seafood company and we often sell frozen fish at local farmers markets. TCP helps us keep our products frozen in the coolers without the need of having portable freezers.” Juro Kusnir, Owner of Alaska Fresh (


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