A History in the Medical Field

TCP developed a portable blood bank, using Phase Change Materials (PCMs), to maintain the precise temperatures required to store and transport blood. This portable unit allowed blood to remain with the patient in the critical hours following surgery, which is especially important with younger, smaller patients.

urgent medical case transport

The Importance of Precision

The TCP portable blood banks are so precise with maintaining a proper temperature that they allow unused blood to be returned to long-term storage without risk. A way to transport blood in emergency helicopters to the scenes of trauma during the “Golden Hour” for both the United States military and civilian trauma helicopters finally emerged.

The leader of the free world travels with one of our portable blood banks.

TCP next developed couriers for transplant organs, which maintained the precise temperature required to keep vital organs viable.

When the United States Military needed to transport viruses long distance and for up to 5 days, TCP answered the call.

Benefits as a Direct Replacement for Ice & Dry Ice

Maintains low temperatures longer than ice & dry ice depending on insulation, amount of PCM and environmental temperatures, and which PCM is being used. Longer life and higher performance result in minimizing risks associated with transportation, customs, and storage delays. No Hazardous Material charges during shipping which you have with Dry Ice. All of TCP’s PCMs are Non Toxic and Non Hazardous!

Affordably Saving Lives

The largest healthcare services in the world use TCP’s insulated Totes and PCMs daily replacing ice and dry ice. PCMs were developed to transport allografts of bone and tendon at the temperature necessary in the surgical room. This permits non-used allografts to be returned to long-term storage, saving the hospital and patient money, as well as preventing loss of vital tissue.

Eliminates the risks and complications associated with handling, “gas off,” import/export restrictions, and environmental issues associated with the use of dry ice.

Traditional gel packs or phase change materials (PCM) are not able to reach/maintain subzero performance. Each pack can reliably achieve and maintain 0° C (32°F), -7°C (19.4°F), -16° C (3.2°F), and -21° C (-5.8°F) depending on the applications or need.

Remove the inconvenience, cost, and environmental complication associated with clean up and disposal of melted dry ice chemicals following each shipment.

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Custom containers and packaging available
  • Multi-Year Shelf Life
Reusable, new hard shell practically indestructible and can be reused for multiple years without further investment.

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Medical Products

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