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Pathology Bags

TCP Biohazard pathology/specimen transport bags are 3 millimeters thick for extra strength and utilize a tamper proof peel and tape seal to help protect healthcare personnel from specimen leaks and contamination.

These bags are available in four sizes and each has the biohazard symbol, a separate document window along with white writeable space by a normal pen for special instructions. Bags conform to NCCLS specimen handling guidelines and meet OSHA specifications for bloodborne pathogens. Sold by the case.

TCP Pathology Bags Brochure

A full product summary is available via a downloadable PDF document.


TCP Pathology bags are available in four sizes for better payload optimization of various types of specimens.
Sold by the case.
pathology bag medshield


24 x 28 inches
Bag count: 125
TCP Pathology Bags Large


18 x 22 inches
Bag count: 250

TCP Pathology Bag Medium


12 x 15 inches
Bag count: 500

TCP Pathology Bags Small


9 x 12 inches
Bag count:1000

TCP Pathology Bags

  • 3 Millimeter Thickness
  • Tamper Evident Seal

  • Separate Document Window

  • White Writable Space

pathology bag medshield


TCP Pathology bags have a number of convenient, frequently-asked-for features and are sold by the case.
Tamper Evident Seal
TCP Pathology Bag Document Pouch

Document Window


White, Standard-Pen Writable space

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