Medical Products

Thermal Custom Packaging specializes in solutions for medical based cold chain logistics.


MedShield customized medical cases are waterproof, dustproof and made to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the field.


Our Specimen Transport Totes (STT) are quality insulated containers that keep sensitive materials at desired temperatures.


Phase Change Materials (PCM) are capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy, maintaining a specific temperature.

pathology bag medshield

TCP Biohazard pathology/specimen transport bags are 3 mm for extra strength and a tamper-proof peel and tape seal to help protect from specimen leaks and contamination.


The TCP Wizard is one of the most reliable and cost-effective transport systems, utilizing proprietary PCM cold or freezer packs, to keep your temperature-sensitive cargo unspoiled.

thermal custom packaging first aid


TCP MedShield First Aid Kits

urgent medical case transport

A History in the Medical Field

TCP is dedicated to the medical and first responders communities. Read more about how TCP developed a portable blood bank, using Phase Change Materials (PCMs), to maintain the precise temperatures required to store and transport blood.