Energy Cases

The Energy Case delivers clean 110V, or 12v and is completely silent, maintenance-free and CO2-neutral. It enables a simple, independent power supply. The energy box is charged either before use at the socket or during use by means of solar cells.

TCP Energy Cases Brochure

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Our Energy Equipment is mounted in our waterproof case manufactured to military grade spec’s


The Energy Case can be charged, prior to use, by either permanent electrical supply or optional solar cells


Durable wheels and retractable handle for easy transport.


Custom color

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Detachable Hinges

Quick and easy lid removal for unimpeded access to the power source

Energy Case

  • Case shell made of polypropylene (PP)

  • Certified with STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and ATA 300

  • Automatic air pressure compensation valve

  • Strong, dust proof, waterproof (IP65 certified)

  • Rubberized handle

  • Stackable

  • Weighs 48.5 lb


Case Options

The Energy Case comes with a variety of optional accessories to optimize its usage in a tactical setting.

Power Supply

Choose from 12v,110v, for your TCP Energy Case.

Solar Cell 100W

A 100-watt solar cell for your TCP Energy Case.


Solar Cell 200W

A 200-watt solar cell for your TCP Energy Case.


Certified STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 & ATA 300

Energy Case

Technical Data
Endurance 1000 W
Maximum Output 290 W
Battery Capacity 1200 watt-hours
Pure sine wave voltage
Charging Possibilities Power supply (200 W) and solar
cell (100 or 200 Watt)
Minimum Charging Time 3 hours
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Certifications STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41, ATA 300
External Dimensions 24 x 16.9 x 10.4 inches
Package Dimensions 24.8 x 17.7 x 11.4 inches
Weight without packaging 45.5 lb
Energy Case dimensions are length x width x height. The weight specified is for each product and does not include any additional packaging. Technical changes are subject to modifications without notice.
MedShield-300 Large Medical Case
MedShield-300 Large Medical Case

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Experience in the Field

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