Covid-19 Vaccine Transport Solutions

Vaccine Transport Totes

Our lightweight insulated Totes are capable of transporting at the required temperature for between 350-2100 doses of Moderna vaccine at -21 centigrade for many hours When used the proper PCM.

The same transport “system” by changing the PCM to TCP’s PC0 (0 centigrade) can maintain the refrigerated temperature that can store Moderna’s vaccine for 30 days and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for 5 days.

TCP’s Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are equipped to store and release large amounts of energy — maintaining a temperature within a specific range. PCMs can reliably maintain 0-degree Centigrade (refrigerated), -7-degree Centigrade (frozen), -16- degree Centigrade (frozen), and -21-degree Centigrade (ultra-cold) temperatures depending on the application.

Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) can store and transport the mRNA COVID vaccine at -21 degrees Centigrade with its proprietary PC-21 solution. This is a full degree cooler than what is required to safely transport the vaccine.
The ultra-cold PC-21 will precisely maintain the vaccine’s desired temperature. Stored in the manufacturer’s insulated reusable totes (available in three sizes), it can properly transport between 350 and 2,100 doses of the vaccine for many hours.

Replace dry ice with our non-toxic PCMs

The PC-21 is considered a safe, non-toxic alternative to dry ice.
Public health departments and Fire departments anticipate a spike in incidents involving the transport of dry ice, as the material presents a significant fire hazard.

Dye ice, when stored in a closed environment can cause severe burns, explosions, and death from CO2 gas exposure. From the distribution point out into the field, the PC-21 offers a complete solution for transporting the vaccine.

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