Radio/Battery Transport Cases

More and more military customers are facing problems when it comes to taking and/or shipping battery powered equipment by air, as the packaging does not comply with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods for road/sea transport (ADR) or air transport (IATA).

Thanks to the 4H2 certified cases from THERMAL CUSTOM PACKAGING our customers have managed to simplify transport, which is then allowed also via cargo aircraft. Some configurations can even be taken on a passenger aircraft when appropriate packing instructions are followed. The same applies to Road/Sea transport.

Radio/Battery Transport Cases Brochure

A full product summary is available via a downloadable PDF document.


TCP Battery Transport Cases have various features that make it stand out among the competition.

Customizable Inserts

Batteries fit into safe, isolated slots thanks to sufficient buffering.



Impact-resistant hard case design.



Cases are designed to be stacked on top of each other.


Detachable Hinges

Quick and easy lid removal for unimpeded access.

MIlitary Radio/Battery Transport Case

  • Temperature resistant from -30 up to +80 degrees centigrade

  • Certified with STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and ATA 300

  • Dust proof, waterproof (IP65 certified)

  • Automatic air pressure compensation valve

  • Two eyelets for padlocks (0.3 inch)

  • Thirty year warranty *1

  • Stackable, polypropylene (PP) case with rubberized handles.


Case Options

Radio/Battery Transport Case comes with a variety of optional accessories to optimize its usage in a professional setting.

Custom Sizes

Choose the case size and insert it to best fit your mission.


Shoulder Strap

A sturdy, weather resistant, comfortable shoulder strap.


Custom Branding

Contact us today to have your company color, logo and slogan added.

After a 75′ Drop

After a 75′ Drop

When a life depends on it, you want equipment that you can always count on.

When a life depends on it,
you want equipment that you can always count on.

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Product Gallery

Examples of TCP Military Battery Transport Cases in action

Experience in the Field

Experience in the Field

Read more about how TCP developed a portable blood bank, using Phase Change Materials (PCMs), to maintain the precise temperatures required to store and transport blood.