covid vaccine transportationHialeah, Florida, Dec. 23 rd, 2020 – Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) can store and transport the newly-FDA-
approved COVID mRNA COVID vaccine at -21 degrees Centigrade with its proprietary PC-21 solution. This is a
full degree cooler than what is required to safely transport the vaccine.
The ultra-cold PC-21 will precisely maintain the vaccine’s desired temperature. Stored in the manufacturer’s
insulated reusable totes (available in three sizes), it can properly transport between 350 and 2,100 doses of the
vaccine for many hours.

The same system is available in refrigerated and frozen formats. TCP’s Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are
equipped to store and release large amounts of energy — maintaining a temperature within a specific range. PCMs
can reliably maintain 0-degree Centigrade (refrigerated), -7-degree Centigrade (frozen), -16-degree Centigrade
(frozen), and 21-degree Centigrade (ultra-cold) temperatures depending on the application. TCP’s PC0 can maintain
the refrigerated temperature needed to store one thawed/refrigerated mRNA COVID vaccine for 30 days.

Both the largest nonprofit hospital and the top-rated oncology hospital in the United States rely on TCP’s
refrigerated and frozen solutions to transport Biological Pharmaceuticals and other medically-relevant specimens.
The latter’s testing shows an average temperature of -20.9 degrees Centigrade in TCP’s large tote for 30 hours.

Thermal Custom Packaging is run by doctors who understand medical needs in the field,” says Dr. Glade, Director
of TCP. “I am a doctor, as are many of my staff. All of our products are tested out in the field, reviewed, and
modified until they meet our expectations.”

The PC-21 is considered a safe, non-toxic alternative to dry ice — which has made headlines in December 2020 due
to its inherent risk in storing mRNA Covid vaccinations. Fire departments anticipate a spike in incidents involving
the transport of dry ice, as the material presents a significant fire hazard.

From the distribution point out into the field, the PC-21 offers a complete solution for transporting the vaccine.
Target locations include rural areas, retirement communities, and the residences of those unable to visit a hospital
for vaccination. TCP will also serve third-world countries, ensuring even the most remote villages have access to
mRNA Covid vaccination and treatment solutions.

About Thermal Custom Packaging

phase change thermal custom packagingThermal Custom Packaging (TCP) is a medical product manufacturer — specializing in cold-chain transport
solutions, insulated containers (totes), and the chemical reactions that maintain them. TCP’s products move over
250,000 blood specimens, organs, antibiotics, and Covid tests daily.

The Florida-based manufacturer is the force behind the PC-21, the latest transport technology for Covid-19 vaccines
and antibiotics — frozen without dry ice. Many of the world’s largest healthcare services rely on TCP solutions to
maintain safe and efficient work environments and communities.

Dr. Clifford Glade, Director
Thermal Custom Packaging

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