Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP), a company specializing in cutting-edge thermal management solutions for every link of the cold chain, is proud to announce a groundbreaking achievement in cold chain technology. In recent internal tests, TCP’s advanced Phase Change Materials (PCMs) have demonstrated superior performance, outlasting the traditional use of dry ice by a significant margin.


Traditionally, dry ice has been the go-to option for transporting temperature-sensitive materials. However, TCP’s team of experienced doctors embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry with a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable alternative.


The results of these internal tests are nothing short of remarkable. TCP’s Phase Change Materials have showcased unparalleled capabilities, providing a prolonged and controlled cooling environment that surpassed the limitations of dry ice. Using a PCM designed to maintain refrigerated temperatures, the payload area remained below 10 degrees Celsius for 46 hours in an environment that varied between 30.4 – 22.1 degrees Celsius. Using a PCM designed to maintain frozen temperatures, the payload area remained below -10 degrees Celsius for 20.43 hours and under 0 degrees Celsius for 23.5 hours. 


One of the key advantages of TCP’s Phase Change Materials is its ability to store and release thermal energy at specific temperatures. This property enables them to maintain a consistently low temperature for extended periods, making them ideal for applications that demand long-lasting and reliable cooling solutions, without the burden of dry ice.


Moreover, unlike dry ice, which requires specialized handling and storage due to its volatile nature, Phase Change Materials offer a safer and more user-friendly alternative. Their non-toxic, non-flammable characteristics make them more environmentally friendly and easier to manage, reducing the risk associated with traditional cooling methods.


“The results of our internal tests underscore the vast potential of Phase Change Materials in revolutionizing cold chain logistics,” said Dr. Clifford Glade, Founder and CEO at Thermal Custom Packaging. We believe that this will pave the way for more sustainable and efficient cooling solutions across various industries.”


About Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP)

Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) is a product manufacturer specializing in cold-chain transport solutions, insulated containers (totes), and the chemical reactions that maintain them. The Florida-based manufacturer, run by doctors, has a unique understanding of what is needed in the medical field and has now taken its products beyond medicine, to pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, and frozen food.  The company is the force behind the PC-21, the latest transport technology for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and antibiotics—frozen without dry ice. Many of the world’s largest healthcare services rely on TCP solutions. To learn more, visit