A larger facility will enable the company to fulfill larger orders for the food and healthcare industries

Miami, FL, July 12, 2023 – Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP), a company specializing in phase change material cold packaging for every link of the cold chain, has expanded its physical footprint to support larger corporations. A new facility in the Miami, Florida area will now house all manufacturing and packaging of TCP products: PCMs, Totes, and MedShield cases. 


This move is significant for the organization, as it will enable them to scale the business, fulfilling the demand for larger orders for some of the largest grocery store chains, health systems and frozen food delivery companies in the country. 


“This move certainly affords us more space to store our PCM materials among other products and materials, but above all else it enables us to work a lot more efficiently,” shared Dr. Clifford Glade, Founder and CEO of Thermal Custom Packaging. “Our processes have improved not just in manufacturing inside the facility, but outside as well. Our new location is more convenient for our freight shipments, as well as depot drop off for ground shipments to reach our small business customers quickly and efficiently.”  

About Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP)

Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) is a product manufacturer specializing in cold-chain transport solutions, insulated containers (totes), and the chemical reactions that maintain them refrigerated, frozen and ultra-cold. The Florida-based manufacturer, run by doctors, has a unique understanding of what is needed in the medical field and has now taken its products beyond medicine, to pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, and frozen food.  The company is the force behind the PC-21, the latest transport technology for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and antibiotics—frozen without dry ice. Many of the world’s largest healthcare services rely on TCP solutions. To learn more, visit https://thermalcustompackaging.co/Home