Designed by doctors, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians, Medshield customized medical cases are waterproof, dustproof, and made to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the field.

The custom options of a MedShield case is really what sets it apart. Anyone in the medical field can find a use for a MedShield and customize it for their needs. As the experts, we have tried and true recommendations for the perfect MedShield case build for first responders.

First responders can use our medium-sized MedShield to transport supplies onto the scene of emergencies like injectibles, fluids, and medicines. With removable shoulder straps for swift transportation onto the scene, first responders can feel confident that the life-saving supplies inside are safe during their transport.

Here’s how our experts would build a MedShield case as a first responder for maximum efficiency:

  1. We would use the built-in dividers to group together like items and ensure all of the first responders are familiar with the layout for efficient recall. Having things organized can save you precious seconds when you are on the field.
  2. We would purchase the fluids pack for items such as IV fluids of normal saline, which in any given scenario could do a number of things such as: flush wounds, replenish lost fluids, etc.
  3. We would store medications such as epinephrine, calcium chloride, atropine, amiodarone, solution-Medrol, dextrose 50%, and furosemide. All of these are standard to have on deck during an emergency and can be used for a wide range of emergency help.
  4. We would use the shoulder strap to free up hands and make transportation to the scene more efficient.

MedShield can save lives, and there are just as many ways to use MedShield as there are ways to save someone in a medical emergency. 

To learn more about MedShield and figure out how to best design it for you and your needs, visit our medical products page and check out the brochure.