MedShield, created by Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) is a line of medical cases that are completely customizable for any companies specific needs. Created and designed by doctors, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians, the MedShield is made for those who need to respond to trauma and emergencies fast and efficiently. The MedShield is completely customizable depending on the need of the buyer. They are also waterproof, dustproof, and made to withstand the harsh conditions which are often encountered in the field. 


The MedShield comes in two sizes: medium and large. With ever-changing technology and needs in the medical field, having a case that changes when your practices do can make a world of difference. The difference between the medium and large cases includes a volume difference from 33 Liters to 51 Liters, which can be crucial depending on the need of the medical professional, while always providing safe storage and transportation no matter the case size.


“When life depends on it, you want equipment that you can count on,”  says the TCP Product testing team. Their design was meticulously curated to be the safest mode of transportation for many important objects such as fluid packs, injectable packs, and first-aid. For the inner designs, multiple layered chemical resistant lid insert will hold and secure medical supplies during transport. The divider inserts are made of reconfigurable machine washable, heavy-duty nylon fabric, and the outside case luminous latches make them easy to find and open in night and dark environments.


The MedShield has multiple options for carrying, with a rubberized handle and equipped with sturdy, weather-resistant, ergonomically designed shoulder straps, and for the medium size, a backpack strap as well. The lid can also be removed so multiple people can easily retrieve the necessary items from the MedShield when on scene and stack the cases when in storage. 


What sets MedShield apart from other modes of transporting first aid is its tested durability and ability to hold important objects and medicines for long periods of time. The MedShield is temperature resistant from -30 up to +80 degrees centigrade, Certified with STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and ATA 300 standards, and, IP67 certified. 


TCP put in the work behind the scenes so the front liners can jump into action without worry. 

About Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP)

Thermal Custom Packaging (TCP) is a medical product manufacturer—specializing in cold-chain transport solutions, insulated containers (totes), and the chemical reactions that maintain them. The Florida-based manufacturer run by doctors has a unique understanding of what is needed out in the field and designs with input during testing in the field. The company is the force behind the PC-21, the latest transport technology for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and antibiotics—frozen without dry ice. Many of the world’s largest healthcare services rely on TCP solutions. To learn more about TCP and the MedShield, as well as our other products, please visit or email 


To learn more about MedShield and figure out how to best design it for you and your needs, visit our medical products page and check out the brochure.